More than just a circus show

That’s right, NoFit State are back in their hometown for the next few weeks and there was a great buzz around the big top circus tent, situated just steps away from the hustle of Cardiff city centre. Following it’s success around the world from Edinburgh to Australia, Bianco is back full of energy and skill to wow it’s audiences once again.

And wow it did. Easing the audience in gradually, the performers wove their way through the crowd and slowly began to pull the focus to the centre of the big top where two hours of top energy, immersive performances captured the audience members attention and imagination. Swinging, spinning and leaping through the air, the strength and the agility of the performers was instantly noticeable as they made every movement look effortless, even when suspended from a rope or holding on to a bar only by their feet. Each piece oozed excitement and thrill, yet each created an individual mood whether it be a hint at romance, a slice of cheekiness or a little bit of danger.

Combined with an incredible live soundtrack from the in-house band, the production had me amazed from start to finish. The finale was particularly stunning, as the big top turned in to a snow globe, snowflakes fell from the sky and the trapeze artist swung elegantly through the air, leaving the audience gasping in amazement and partially covered in snow/foam!

Full of magic and excitement, NoFit State and their beyond talented group of performers have the audience entranced by each leap, step and spin. A crazy concoction of beauty, chaos and amazing skill: Bianco left me in complete awe and wanting to watch again and again!

Bianco plays in Cardiff until the 7th June and then continues it’s tour with venues including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. For full tour dates and more information see the NoFit State website.